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Corelinesoft has been trying to present quantitative standards for image reading based on technologies such as backend, frontend, 3D visualization, and mesh modeling required for medical image SW development and the highest level of AI-based automatic medical image processing technology.

In addition, they are offering products through TCS (Thin-Client-Service), their unique technology, in line with the era of un-contact.

They developed AVIEW COPD, a quantitative analysis software for lung disease powered by the fully automated AI algorithm.

By introducing AI, the segmentation and analysis process is fully automated, and reliable quantitative analysis data using the latest analysis method is provided as intuitive 2D and 3D graphic elements.

They developed AVIEW LCS B3 by expanding the diagnostic area from the lung image analysis to the chest. AVIEW LCS B3 includes Lung Cancer, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), and Cardiovascular Disease. It could be diagnosed at one time, and a low-dose chest CT image can be used to minimize patient exposure. In addition, it is possible to detect lesions and automatically check the measured values ​​with self-developed and certified CAD (Computer Aided Detection) technology.

In the future, they will expand the diagnostic area to areas such as muscular dystrophy (reducing muscle mass) and measuring bone density. AVIEW Research was also developed to build a medical environment such as tasks, research, and clinical practice. They are in the process of developing a product for research that utilizes AI, big data, etc., beyond simple video storage.


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