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Since we first introduced Hologic DXA to the UK it has become the market leader, outselling our nearest competitor twice over.

From relatively modest beginnings aimed only at osteoporisis assessment, the Discovery grew into a highly versatile system capable of Body Mass Index, Visceral Adipose Tissue studies, andoid/gynoid ratio, cardiac calcification scoring as well as Body Composition Analysis to see and understand conditions like Sarcopenia which occurs in the frail elderly and is defined as muscle loss due to variety of reasons such as nutrition, illness, lack of exercise, resulting in a decline in strength and physical function, and Lipodystrophy, a result of treatment for AIDS/HIV, where redistribution of subcutaneous fat occurs from the extremities to the trunk, usually in abdominal and upper neck/shoulder area which may ultimately turn into visceral fat which presents added risk to the patient. Though now it has been superseded by the Horizon, we have not forgotten the Discovery. Upgrade packages to keep it level with evolving applications are available.

The most advanced DXA system available today, the new Horizon builds on the capabilities of the Discovery to add new clinical features including a long single energy femur scan for evaluation of a typical femur fracture assessment making it fast and easy to monitor the effects of bisphosphonate therapy over time and high definition mode for vertebral fracture assessment.

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