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New SIGRT solution from C-RAD

17th September 2020

C-RAD’s cutting-edge Surface Imaging Guided Radiation Therapy (SIGRT) solutions ensure exceptionally high precision, safety and efficiency in advanced radiation therapy, helping to cure more cancer patients and improve the quality of their lives.

Vertec Scientific, distributors of C-RAD products in the UK, is pleased to announce the next generation of this ground-breaking technology, the Catalyst+.

The Catalyst+ offers a complete solution for high precision patient positioning, intra-fraction motion management and respiratory gating, ensuring the best possible treatment outcome.
Augmented reality colour projections beamed directly onto the patient's skin, in combination with couch control interfaces, increases the setup accuracy and time efficiency for postural and isocentre alignment.
For clinical confidence and patient safety, Catalyst+
 offers real-time motion management with beam control to ensure a correct patient position throughout the entire fraction, also fully supporting non-coplanar treatment delivery.
For respiratory gating, the Catalyst+
 has a dedicated module, which together with audio-visual patient feedback, increases intra-fractional reproducibility for breath-hold and free-breathing gating.

The new hardware platform of the Catalyst+ is based on structured light technology, providing high resolution surface imaging with sub-millimetre accuracy and a large field of view for total patient coverage. Some of the key indications for the Catalyst+ are SRS, SBRT and DIBH.

According to Vertec Managing Director Bill Hipgrave, “We are very pleased to add the C-RAD Catalyst+ to our range. The original Catalyst set a new benchmark in SIGRT accuracy and we are confident that the Catalyst+ will build upon that reputation.”

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